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This web site will help you understand what the science of Human Factors and Ergonomics involves, and how they can be successfully applied in all aspects of society. This site provides resource materials, and information about the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand (HFESNZ). The site also provides information about local and international events of interest, certified practitioners and information on how you can join and contribute to a growing industry in New Zealand.


Thank you

Thank you to all who attended and presented at the 2014 Conference.

Thank you to all the organisations that supported our conference.

Conference Papers

Conference papers and presentation material will be posted in the near future.


The Hot Spot - What is happening in the NZ Ergonomics and Human Factors Scene 

Want to be in the hotspot next month? If so please click here and send your details.

What are the rules? There are only 4 rules at the moment:

  • keep it current,
  • keep it NZ,
  • keep it HF&E
  • no private advertising.

What is relevent? It can be research papers currently in print. New ergonomics or HF initiatives recently adopted by Business. Awards given to some of our Ergonomics Students - anything along these lines.



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