The science and practice of Human Factors and Ergonomics is broad.  It is successfully applied in many aspects of society - from the design of baby car seats to the layout of ambulances and hospitals and the function of wheelchairs; and from the operation of control rooms, the design of hazardous processes, and the design of shift schedules; to product design, safe and effective work techniques for manual tasks, and the nature of our work environments (etc!) Human factors/ergonomics professionals can be found working in the transport industry, in defence, in the energy industry, in design, in computer software/hardware and web usability design, in health and safety, in healthcare, and in a broad range of manufacturing and corporate environments (and everywhere in between). You may find us, or a need for our input, wherever humans work, and wherever systems, tasks, equipment and environments need to be designed well for easy and efficient task performance. 

This website provides resource materials and information about the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand (HFESNZ) as well as information about local and international events of interest, finding qualified human factors/ergonomics professionals, and information on how you can join and contribute to a valuable profession in New Zealand.


 Society news we have recently re-branded - and are excited about our new logo! 

Having this new logo is a sign that things are changing within the society.  Committee is working with a web-developer on a new website and membership management system that we hope we can bring to you by the end of the year. This should enhance our capability so we can provide even more member benefits. Watch this space!