HFESNZ is a founding member of HASANZ - the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand.  HASANZ is an association of associations, with objectives to raising professional standards, professional excellence, industry advocacy, health and safety leadership and stakeholder engagement HASANZ objectives. These objectives align strongly with HFESNZ aims.  HFESNZ representatives have actively contributed to the start-up of HASANZ, the successful September 2016 HASANZ Conference, and ongoing work on the development of the HASANZ Register – a national, online register of verified workplace health and safety professionals that includes human factors/ergonomics professionals. This register is due to go live in March 2018, and the first steps in achieving "Certified Professional Member" listing on the HASANZ Register have been met via HFESNZ meeting HASANZ’s Full Membership criteria in late 2016. 

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HASANZ Registration

Certified Professional Members of HFESNZ will be able to register on the HASANZ Register from November 2017.  This will enable New Zealand businesses to find your services, and easily verify your competence in the field of HFE.  HASANZ Registration is valid for both consultants and in-house professionals. Registering will cost around $100 per year, in addition to an application fee of $150 payable to HFESNZ, which reflects the time required to process the application. The application fee is a one-off cost. 

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